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    Although winter means cold weather, I love it all the same. I think winter is a beautiful season, especially when it snows. Snowflakes fall down naughtily. They fall on branches of trees, on roofs of houses and on wheat fields. Soon the whole earth will be dressed in white. Everything is shining in the sun. Every time it snows, I will remember an old saying, "Winter has come, can spring be far away?'


    Through the clear window, see the trees in the street, had very brave hits the trees standing there, now already very "tired", but also has been bending is not a sample.

    Everyone remember the energetic people outside to play badminton or in the exercise, can now but didn't see it anymore...

    Although the winter is a beautiful season with snow, but it is wanton spread of influenza has left many people ill in this season, even lost his precious life.

    Winter, please don't spread the germ, don't let the green "sentry" is not a sample, or just let the snow you give me a memorable season!!!!


    I love my hometown, I love my hometown deep green spring; I love my hometown the scorching summer; I love my hometown autumn fruit fragrance; I love my hometown more unique scenery of winter. In my eyes, it's cold. In the howling north wind, enjoy a ray of sunshine, is also a luxury. Passing by the people, despite the full armed, but they can not help but beat up the tremble. Usually bustling streets, too, but no past "style". People rush to work, in a hurry to ride on their own car, do not want to stay in this cold world for a while, even a second! In my eyes, it is white. In the morning, when you wake up, open the window, you will find that the mountains, rivers, trees, houses all over a layer of white snow. As far as the rivers and mountains, into a snow-covered landscape of the world. Look at those nearby, leafless trees, covered with fluffy, shiny silver, while those evergreen pine and cypress, is covered with fluffy, heavy snow.

    A gust of wind blowing, the trees gently swaying, the beautiful silver and snowball began to fall down, jade crumbs like snow foam, fluttering in the wind. In my eyes, it's a pleasure. Every time, I will be the girl airs aside, to a world of snow. And friends make snowmen in the snow, snowball, the joyous screams, shouts, the branches on the snow falling down. The cold winter, white winter, a pleasant winter is really unforgettable, let me lead a person to endless aftertastes!


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